Architecture Diagram

System Architecture

System Architecture

Cyan Spring ATS can be run with a distributed architure. Multiple servers can join a cluster to share the work load

  • Server can be a single server instance or multiple ones to form a server cluster.
  • Client(CSTW) can connect to multiple servers in the same cluster and monitor all strategies run in the same cluster.
  • You may run as many servers and clients as you wish. It will be only limited by your hardware.

Event Driven System

Cyan Spring ATS adopts an event driven system which is proven to be a successful model for many financial real time applications

  • Client & Server communication is driven by events.
  • Most of server side component communication is driven by events.
  • Market data, parent order operations, child order actions etc are all input through by events.
  • In the heart of events, Cyan Spring Strategy Framework(CSF) makes the decision and instructs other components to take action through events.
  • Across machine events are supported by JMS. However, you do not need to code anything in JMS since CATS event system has already wrapped them up nicely.

Dependencies On Third Party Software

Cyan Spring ATS is built on top of the following software packages. They are all free and solid open source software.