Application Features

Cyan Spring Strategy Framework(CSF)

Cyan Spring Algorithmic Trading Software has all the boiler plate codes written for order management, upstream/downstream connectivity and market data processing, such that you are able to focus on only the core business logic for your strategy development

  • There are out-of box trading strategies, but what makes Cyan Spring ATS powerful is the built-in algo framework that allows user to develop their own strategies rapidly. Cyan Spring ATS supports Single-Order Strategies, Single-Instrument Strategies and Multi-Instrument Strategies.
  • Support cluster/server group configuration. Users are able to view strategies hosted in any server through GUI Application CSTW. Users are able to pause/stop strategies, change strategy parameters and make manual releases of child orders if necessary.
  • We understand the system environment is different from client to client. CSF provides a set of standard intefaces for client to develop customised adaptors to connect to different market data provider, client order feed and exchange interface.

Cyan Spring Trader Workstation(CSTW)

Cyan Spring Trader Workstation(CSTW) provides a graphic user interface for traders who work with algo orders. From CSTW, traders are able to monitor the running of algo orders and alter the strategy running if necessary.

  • View strategy parameters and running status.
  • Change strategy parameters which effectively change strategy's behaviour in run time.
  • Pause/stop/cancel of running strategies.
  • View all child orders and running status. Make manual release/amend/cancel of child orders


A lot of trading business involves receiving parent orders(e.g. for a broker, it's a client order) from upstream, and sending a number of child orders to downstream(e.g. exchange connection or another broker). Cyan Spring ATS support FIX connectivities to both upstream and downstream.

  • One server instance is able to connect to multiple FIX upstream connections.
  • One server instance is able to connect to multiple FIX downstream connections.
  • For downstream connections, Cyan Spring ATS is able to apply load balancing strategy defined by user.
  • Cyan Spring ATS supports Interactive Brokers connections to send downstream orders and receive market data.