Develop Your System

This section is to discuss the key components in Cyan Spring framework and how to develop your system based on those components


Skill requirements

Adaptor framework

Strategy framework


Skill requirement

This section discuss about the skills/expertise you may want to acquire if you choose Cyan Spring ATS to develop your system.

Business domain knowledge
Cyan Spring is an asset neutral trading system. You need to decide what assets you want to trade and acquire the domain knowledge or expertise for them. Only after you know what you want to achieve, then you know what to build on top of Cyan Spring ATS.
Java development skill
Cyan Spring ATS is a pure Java solution. You will need at least novice level of Java progamming skill to start with the development. If you haven't done any Java programming before, do NOT be discouraged by this because you can learn! Java is the most powerful and user friendly programming language and it is not difficult to learn at all. If you already know a bit about Java programming, the following will help for advanced development in Cyan Spring ATS.
Object-Oriented programming
Understanding Object-Oriented programming in Java such as inheritance(how to subclass) and polymorphism(how to override/overload methods).
Spring framework
Cyan Spring ATS uses Spring framework for most of its configuration. You do NOT have to be an expert on Spring Framework. Knowing how to configure the spring beans in a xml file is sufficient, which is quite straight forward.
Threading and asynchronous programming
Depending on what you plan to do, advanced users may want to write their own component to handle extra events/signals. In such case, you will need to understand Cyan Spring ATS even model to do it right.